NCR Pads & Sets

NCR Pads & Sets

NCR enables whatever is written on to the top copy to be duplicated to ALL other copies in the set. Sets can be anything from 2 parts up to as many parts as you require printed in as many colours as you like to reproduce your logos that you may wish to appear on the set. NCR forms can be produced as sets, pads, books, continuous and loosely collated sets.

Bespoke Service

Carbonless paper can be supplied and heavier paper weights can be catered for too. Future Print Leeds make up our sets in various ways, they can be tip-glued in to sets or pads or if you need a copy to stay in the book then they can be wire stapled.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for pads and sets include invoices, credit notes, delivery books, picking notes, purchase orders, collection return pads, restaurant bills.